Stephen Troese Jr. Discusses What Appliances Use the Most Energy Within the Home

stephen troese jr

Depending on the season, our electricity bills can either drastically rise or plummet. In order to better understand energy consumption and reduce unnecessary costs, Stephen Troese Jr., CEO and co-founder of LRI Energy Solutions, hopes to share his expertise and help to introduce American households to efficient energy solutions. Today, Stephen Troese Jr. will discuss what appliances use the most energy within American homes so that families can better understand their total energy consumption.

Air Conditioning and Heating

The most used appliance within the home, HVAC units are essential household appliances that keep living conditions comfortable even in the most extreme seasonal temperatures. HVAC systems run all year round and account for an alarming 46 percent of the average US home’s energy consumption. Typically, the average central HVAC unit will run two to three times an hour for 10-15 minutes to regulate temperature, using about 3500 watts. Within a 24 hour period, this accumulates to between 28-63 kWh or 850-1950 kWh in a month.

Water Heating

Throughout the day, families rely on their water heater for showering, hand washing, and laundry. As one of the most frequently used appliances, a water heater accounts for 14 percent of the home’s total energy usage. The average home uses its water heater for roughly three hours a day. This accounts for 4500 wats, 13.5 kWh per day, or 405 kWh per month.


Typically, home appliances will account for 13 percent of a home’s electric bill. Some of the appliances which use the most energy include:


–        Refrigerator: The average American refrigerator uses 225 watts throughout the day or 162 kWh per month.

–        Washer and Dryer: Washer and dryers account for 5 percent of a home’s total energy. Together, these appliances use roughly 3045 watts and, if used one hour per day, 91kWh per month.

–        Electric Oven and Stove: An oven will typically use 2,500 watts, while a stove on medium-high heat will use 1,500 watts. If used for one hour each day, an electric oven and stove will use roughly 75kWh and 45 kWh a month. However, because these appliances will typically affect the temperature in a home, this does not account for the increase in energy the home’s AC must use to correct the change in temperature.