Stephen Troese Jr. Explains Ways to Save Energy This Summer


Can you believe that we are already getting into the warmer month? It almost seems like the other day when we were dealing with a major snow storm. Oh wait, Stephen Troese Jr. and others who live in the Northeast did actually experience a nor’easter last week. And the week before that. And the week before that.

Nevertheless, opening day is tomorrow, which means Spring is here and the dog days of summer are sure to follow. When Stephen Troese Jr. is not watching the Washington Nationals take a commanding lead in the N.L East, he will be doing everything he can take to take advantage of the warm weather.

As someone who cares about the environment, Stephen Troese Jr. says you can spend your time this spring and summer working on ways to lower your carbon footprint. The weather presents a few opportunities and challenges that will affect how you interact with your environment. Here are a few tips Stephen Troese Jr. would recommend:

Use Your Air Conditioner Sparingly: While your air conditioner will provide you with instant relief, please know that air conditioners do require a whole lot of energy. You will know this when you see your first summertime electric bill. Try to use your air conditioner only when you absolutely need it to reduce your carbon footprint. It might be a good idea to service your air conditioner before the season starts so you can optimize its performance and reduce its energy use.

Grow a Garden: Did you know that a large amount of energy is used to ship food from the farms to your local grocery store? If you’ve never grown a garden before, it’s a fun and easy way to get your hands dirty and grow food in the most sustainable way possible. You’ll be able to avoid harmful pesticides, and it’s something the whole family can enjoy. Stephen Troese Jr. grows cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, kale, and many other vegetables in his garden that allows him to take a fewer trips to the grocery store.

Bike and Walk When You Can: Obviously, if you live far away from others you may not be able to do this, but if you can, try to bike, walk, or use public transportation whenever you can to avoid using other modes of transportation that use more energy. You might even lose a few pounds doing it, making it a win-win.

What Can You Do to Save Energy at Home according to Stephen Troese Jr.



Are you looking to minimize your carbon footprint. Stephen Troese Jr. may be able to help. As a building professional who understands how to build energy-efficient buildings, Stephen Troese Jr. may have a better understanding of how to conserve energy than most. Here a few tips he would recommend if you are trying to reduce your energy at home:

Keep the Curtains and Blinds Closed: This will ensure extra sun doesn’t get in. Sun light will cause you to spend more in the summer time as it will increase the heat in your home. In the winter, you might lose extra heat by keeping your windows exposed.

Take Advantage of Energy Efficient Appliances: There has never been a better time to reduce your energy consumption by updating your appliances in your home. By updating your appliances, you could significantly reduce your energy expenditure and reduce your energy bill. At the same time, you might be able to increase your home’s value as well. If you’re looking for a way to improve your sustainability in your home and reduce your energy expenditure, your appliances may be a good place to start.

Change the Way You Eat: The thing is that you can make a major difference just by changing how you eat. As you probably know, industrial agriculture is terrible for the environment. Raising cattle, pigs, chickens, and other animals for foods does detrimental damage to the environment. You can make a major difference as a consumer though. You don’t have to go vegetarian either. Choose local butchers and those that implement sustainable standards to ensure you are not increasing your carbon footprint by making the wrong decisions with what you eat.

Stephen Troese Jr. Provides Tips on Ways to Save Energy in the Office

Stephen Troese Jr. is the CEO and Co-founder of LRI Energy Solutions.He leads the company’s operations and strategic initiatives to ensure it offers the best in design-build energy efficiency services for government projects and commercial development. Stephen Troese Jr. has also been a thought leader in the development and design-build construction of water conservation solutions. These efforts have made buildings and businesses more sustainable for a cleaner planet.

Sustainability and going green are buzz words and phrases in most industries today as more people realize the effect man has had on the warming of the planet. Although you can’t control everything around you or you may not be able to hire a firm to audit your business’s energy efficiently, there are things you can do in your office right now that will help you lower your footprint. Stephen Troese Jr. presents several easy solutions that come to mind:

  • Train Employees on Turning Off and Unplugging Appliances that Are Unneeded When It’s Time to Call It a Night
  • Encourage Employees to Work Remotely If They Can to Reduce the Number of Cars on the Road
  • Install a Programmable Thermostat and Consider Other Ways to Reduce Your Reliance on AC
  • Get Rid of K-Cups, Styrofoam Cups, and Other Items that Are Bad for the Environment
  • Go Digital with As Many Things as Possible to Reduce Paper Waste

Obviously, some of these things will be more viable than others, depending on your industry. But the things you can do to lower yours and your company’s carbon footprint will be just on step closer to preserving the planet.

About Stephen Troese Jr

Stephen Troese Jr. is the CEO and co-founder of LRI Energy Solutions. LRI Energy Solutions provides energy efficiency design-build construction services and is a recognized leader in the energy efficiency industry. The organization was founded by Stephen Troese Jr. over 25 years ago. As the CEO, Stephen Troese Jr. has led the company from its humble beginnings to significant growth where it is now one of the largest design-build energy efficiency services companies in the industry. Stephen Troese Jr. was able to achieve this as he was part of the first DOE ESPS IDIQ pilot projects that were being developed in the nineties. LRI Energy Solutions earned high acclaim, and the organization received awards for energy efficiency from the Federal government as well as state and local governments.

In addition to his work LRI Energy Solutions, Stephen Troese Jr. was a major part of the formation of Water Savers, LLC., which is now part of LRI Energy Solutions. Water Savers enables construction projects to achieve maximum water efficiency through innovative turnkey water conservation solutions. Its suite of solutions includes water harvesting, storm water management, irrigation systems, water metering systems, renewable systems, domestic plumbing, healthcare services, food service, HVAC solutions, laundry solutions, steam efficiency services, and more. Stephen Troese Jr. is proud of his role at LRI Energy Solutions where he leads the company’s operations and strategic planning and is a member of the company’s Board of Directors.

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